GOOD BYE 2016 HELLO 2017

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Wow what a year 2016 proved to be for Taste of India Catering and
the TOI team. Our 2016 season got of to a hot start at Estnor
Castle, but once we dusted of the cobwebs and got into full flow we
never looked back. 

There was so many highlights in 2016 but the most welcomed
element was “summer” when it finally arrived after June we made
full use of it. Bearded Theory was our first major festival of the
season and once again the welcome and loved received was
amazing. Getting the season off to a great start was the catalyst the
TOI team took full advantage of rolling from one event to another.

2016 saw the addition of our second unit at the F1 Grand Prix at
Silverstone, along with debuts for our very own Kwackers at Boom
Town Fair, Glastonbury and Carfest, meant we had our busiest and
most successful year ever.

But now its all about “2017” and boy we have an epic festival &
Wedding season in store, with new events added to the 2017 diary,
new products and setups. Its gona be bigger, better then ever
before so make sure you like us on Facebook or follow us on
Twitter (@toicatering) to track our season and find out more about
where and when we will be catering our Epic Indian Street Food delights.